Visit to Long Lake Provincial Park


It was the last week end of February and I really wanted to start on my challenges for 2013. I picked Long Lake as it is one place I am familiar with and have been there many times. I was a little nervous know the trails may be treturous due to ice and my fears were heightened by a crew putting someone in an ambulance.

I had brought my Katoohla microspikes so putting my nervousness aside I set off from the parking lot on St. Margarets BayIMG_0450 Road. I followed the stream straight down to where it flows into Long Lake and turned right to continue along the shore. The wind was biting and cold, finally making it to the shelter of the trees was welcome. After meandering through the trees along the lakeshore I came upon Beaverdam Brook. After walking along the brook slipping and sliding checking out all the ice in the brook.


Eventually I made it to the main trail leading back to my car. I have hiked this trail many times before and always enjoy it, this was a great way to start my hiking challenge for 2013