Go to Provincial Parks in winter? That’s crazy

This past winter and early spring I visited and hiked several parks in the Halifax area. This was an exercise in pursuing goals but gave me the pleasure of visiting the parks and seeing the beauty a different season will reveal. It started out in Long Lake with a very icy walk. From there it continued through many parks enjoying snowy scenes and windswept frozen vistas. Almost as striking and the scenery was the lack of people using our parks. Week after week I saw no one or a few people. I began to think I was crazy out trudging through the snow but I really had the entire park to myself a lot of days. Now that the heat is on the way up and the amount of people and bugs are returning, who is crazy now ūüôā

Planning The first Big Trip of 2013

Some of the contributors at Avoiding Chores and I are heading to Maine to climb Mount Katahdin in June. For most of us it will be our first trip there and we are all excited.

Now I have to prepare to make sure I can complete the hike. I am trying to eat better cutting out sweets,  junk food and prepackaged food. Focusing on fresh food and portion control. I am currently walking everyday and hiking with a pack on the week ends. This will be soon followed by weight-training and running.

With the physical component in the works I need to figure out what to wear and bring for the trip. If any one has any tips or advice please pass it along

My Hiking Goals for 2013

I have several goals for this year that are not too extensive.

My first challenge is to hike in all of Nova Scotia’s eighteen counties #hikeNS18. I live in Halifax so I am somewhat central to the province except for the four counties on Cape Breton island. This will be a chance to discover some new trails and revisit some old favorites. I expect I will be visiting ¬†some beautiful vistas and waterfalls.

My next two goals are actually hikes from two books written by Micheal Haynes. I want to do all 30 hikes in Trails of Halifax Regional Municipality #30haliaxhikes and the 60 trails in Hiking Trails of Mainland Nova Scotia #60NShikes. Many on the latter will probably be double counted with my first goal. The Nova Scotia component is somewhat ambitious but it is something to shoot for.

Beyond these goal I am planning on using the Trans-Canada trail to bicycle from Halifax to Bridgewater #hfxtobwater over several days. It will take me from urban sprawl of the provinces largest city through the rural areas on to the second largest town. I also am planning some paddle camping in Kejimkujik and scaling Mount Katahdin with some of the Avoiding Chores contributors.

These are my goals and I know there will be a few additions like some day hikes in Fundy and maybe an attempt of the Dobson trail. What’s your goal? Maybe join me on a few of my trips.

About me

¬† ¬† ¬†I wasn’t sure how to start this blog so I figure tell a little about myself and what I want to do here.

     Growing up in southeast New Brunswick being outside was just what you did. I never really thought about it at the time but I loved being outside. Jump ahead to entering adulthood, off to university and work and family and I forgot the joy of being in the woods.

     Well I am not sure if I was looking for something more in life or what but after the attacks on New York I found myself looking for simplicity and solitude. This brought me to rediscover hiking and then led to several outdoor pursuits including trail building, scouts, geocaching, bushcraft and youtube.

     So why do I want to blog? Through my youtube channel I let people in on my journey and the vast array of outdoor interests and hobbies but there is a piece missing. This will be a venue for me to keep thoughts and expand on the videos I make. I am making several personal goals that I will detail in upcoming posts.

     I hope you come along for the ride to see where I am going and to see how it effects me.