2013 Hiking Goals Progress

I haven’t written anything down in a while so I thought I would do an update given we are 100 days plus into 2013. I have to say I am a bit disappointed in my progress but we are having the worst weather so far this year. What this has done has left a lot of ice on the trails and limited the choices of where I can go.

Despite my poor progress I managed to get 12 of the 30 trails done in the trails of Halifax Regional Municipality #30haliaxhikes. These were a mixture of parks and walking trails all within 20 kms of my house. I enjoyed these hikes as they were all to places I have visited and in some cases many times.

From the other guide I am following I have done a grand total of 2 #60NShikes, both in Hants county. I hiked Nine Mile River trail which I had never done before and was very impressed with the trail. The other one was Uniacke Estate Museum trail which was the first time anyone had joined me, my friends Jim and Jocelyn came along. It was a great day and I appreciated the company.

So if you are keeping track of my county count it is 2. My next plans are to get an upgraded bike to start my trek from Halifax to Bridgewater and continue hitting the trails every chance I get. I am planning on staying in a yurt in Cape Breton and using that as a base to hike the 4 counties on the island and for the most part I am going to do the hikes as day hikes.

I will try to write more on my adventures as I go along and I will do another update in July.